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Today I helped a fan buy a track from my online store and it was all sorted for her (as in she was able to download it and so on). The problem is in my stats section it does not say a sale has been made or anything at all really. Is it because it is Sunday or will I not get the number added as a stat at all?

Basicly current number of sales is 0 yet there were sales is there a time to wait for it? Or is something wrong?
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  • Hi DoOL,

    Thanks for the post.

    Royalties from ReverbStore sales are placed in your Account > Bank area of your ReverbNation profile (accessible through your drop-down User Menu at the top right) approximately 35 business days after the transaction occurs. When you have enough funds available for withdraw in that area ($20 if you are not using a premium service, $5 if you are) then you can click the green "Pay Me" button and we will send the funds to the PayPal email address you have on file, or that you provide at that time.

    You can view other ReverbStore FAQ here:

    Hope that helps!
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