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I’m sad

I phone and Android App Search term or keyword

Hi Reverbnation Support, I would just like to say what a great job you guys do here in keeping the site updated and with new tools for the Artists. You really Bust your behinds for this site and it shows.

But my problem is that I have the artists mobile app for android and apple but I was wondering if the search name on the app can be changed from my actual name to something different like the name of the app because i didn't want to use my government name on the app and I notice other artists have theirs under "reverbnation Artists".I've attached a screen print of what my app looks like on i-tunes and if i'm not mistaken it should be the same way on android. The part that i want to change is circled in red if at all possible. It's just that my app is really hard to find on both platforms and i didn't want to use my real name.

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