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Gaming the system

There's too many vendors gaming the system, For example, if you enter a contest, you have to click the vendor's facebook like. The only reason they are doing this is to artificially up their likes and get you to release your information. You better put a stop to this or people like me will leave.
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  • Zack (Official Rep) January 28, 2013 14:41
    Thanks for the feedback.Most opportunities on ReverbNation do not require a separate fee to enter. We offer the prospect to like the promoter's Facebook page, but it's not required. Some brand-sponsored opportunities don't require an RPK subscription either - anyone on ReverbNation can enter. In these cases, the brand may elect to require a Facebook 'Like' in place of any fees or subscription. Our artist community at large feels that the promotional value of these opportunities is well worth the cost, simply 'liking' the brand's page so that they may continue to inform you of other great offers in the future.

    Of course, if you'd rather not provide this access, you're always welcome to abstain from submitting from these types of opportunities.
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