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Buy your way to the top

Why has there been this fellow Todd Thiessen from Arlington Washington on the local "World" charts in the Everett/Seattle area for almost 2 years and ranking higher then many artists when the dude is a god damn photographer and does not even have one song up. I've contacted RN over a year ago about this several times and RN insists and insists it could never in a million years happen and in total denial this is happening , they keep telling me they are here only to support musicians and only artists are allowed so they say.. , Well, go to the Seattle/Everett charts and gee whiz folks, See for yourself...there this guy sits at #19 on the local chart and without any music plugging his Photo Studio. if you click play a pop up window opens suggesting to contact him asking him to upload a at least ONE song and yet there he is on the charts higher then some really good folks with a lot of good music..I guess if you pay enough money for aps & badges & get mom and dad to keep hitting the like button you can buy your way up the RN charts without even knowing how to play or sing a single note which is a crime against all the hard working musicians out here and a slap in the face.. Are we getting ripped off big time by RN??? They sure are not shy about asking for your money...I think I smell something really rotten here.. follow more of me tracking this on my LinkedIn page because I have found more then just this fellow with NO MUSIC on this site in many genres..& if you notice any more of these drop me a line...Thanks....Kevin D Carlson
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  • Hello!

    I am sorry you are unhappy with the ReverbNation charts.

    If you feel that a user is violating ReverbNation's Term's and Conditions please email '' and they will be happy to look into it for you.

    That being said, I understand your situation and how it can be frustrating but please remember he goal of ReverbNation is not intended to be what position in the charts you are -- it should be reaching new fans and growing your audience. The charts (and the BES that determines them) were designed to show users how well they were using the tools we provided and it was never intended to be a measuring stick for your success as a band or musician. I would recommend using the tools and features we provide to help get new fans, bigger shows, and ultimately, more sales -- as long as you're getting new fans and reaching a wider audience you're doing the right things.

    I hope that helps and please let us know if you have any other questions or issues.


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